Submission for SPLC Awards Program

Please submit your awards application – either case study or story of individual leadership – through this form to be considered for SPLC’s juried Leadership Awards. All submissions will also be reviewed for Outstanding Case Study recognition.
See the Awards Program webpage for details and submission deadlines.

NOTE: If you are submitting on behalf of an organization you do not belong to, please NOTE THAT FACT in your submission, and ensure you provide a contact person at the organization whose work you are documenting. Please also ensure you have permission to submit on their behalf.

    STEP 1
    Upload Your Case Study or Individual Award Submission

    Upload your case study file in the SPLC Word Template you received when you downloaded instructions (also available here). FOR INDIVIDUAL Awards, upload a WORD document sharing how the nominee's vision, leadership, and dedicated effort have been fundamental to the advancement of the sustainable purchasing movement. You may also upload up to TWO supporting documents.

    Case Study File :
    Optional Supporting Materials 1 :
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    Permission to share publicly
    Periodically, we highlight a case study in SPLC's public newsletter or on our website, making it available for download by the public for a limited time. If your case study is accepted into the SPLC Case Study library, may we share it publicly as part of such a case study highlight?

    STEP 2
    Provide Case Study or Individual Nomination profile information.

    Organization Name (Or Individual Name - if nominating an individual)

    Organization Website

    If submitting for an organization not your own (or individual not within your organization), provide the NAME of the organization as it should appear on an award

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    Submissions are open to non-members, but only members are entitled to editorial feedback and resubmission.

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    Characters Remaining: 1400

    STEP 3
    Award categories.

    Please indicate the award categories (select all that apply) for which you believe your case study is an appropriate fit. (See the Awards webpage for more detail about these categories.) All submissions that meet our Case Study Criteria will be considered for Outstanding Case Study recognition.

    Purchaser Awards:
    ProgramInitiativeEngaging SuppliersBusiness Case

    Other Juried Awards:
    SupplierPublic Interest AdvocateCircular EconomyIndividual

    Briefly explain why your case study is a good candidate for the specific award category(ies) selected.

    STEP 4
    Identify relevant Principles for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing.

    Which of SPLC’sPrinciples for Leadership does this case study exemplify? Select all for which the case study provides a substantive example, and for which the case study explains specific strategies, how they were chosen, and how they work. Selecting Principles not exemplified by the case study may hurt the submission.

    Understanding the relevant environmental, social, and economic impacts of its purchasing.

    Taking responsibility for the relevant impacts of its purchasing by committing to an action plan.

    Delivering on its commitment to improve the relevant impacts of its purchasing.

    Actively promoting internal and external innovation that advances a positive future.

    Soliciting and disclosing information that supports a marketplace of innovation.

    STEP 5
    Approvals and Notifications.

    Additional Approvers

    If the submitter is not an employee of the organization(s) featured in the case study, the submitter must provide complete contact information for an employee at the organization(s) featured in the case study. This employee will be contacted by SPLC to ensure the case study has been approved by the organization.

    Editing Approval

    If your submission is selected to win a juried award or Case Study recognition, SPLC may make edits to your case study, and reformat it to better meet SPLC template guidelines. Please indicate if such edits will require additional sign-off from you or your organization prior to publication in the SPLC Case Study Library.

    Communications Contacts

    Please provide names and email addresses for anyone besides the Submitter and Additional Approvers who should receive the press release, marketing graphics, and other communications materials, in the event the case study wins an award.