How mature is your sustainable purchasing program?


Organizations around the world have recognized the need for supply chain sustainability in order to reduce the environmental, social and economic impacts of their purchasing, while protecting and delivering value to their operations, products and services.  Whether your organization is just beginning this journey or has been leading the way, a common set of questions exist:

  • What does a leading sustainable purchasing program look like?
  • How does my organization measure up to this?
  • How am I doing compared to my peers?
  • What can I learn from this information? How do I most efficiently and effectively plan our organization’s next steps to become a global leader in sustainable purchasing?

The Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, under the advisement of the Benchmark Working Group, has developed a measurement and benchmarking methodology and approach to answer these questions for your organization and others. 

The SPLC BENCHMARK Platform collects specific data about an organization’s current purchasing management systems and engagement practices which are critical to becoming a leader in sustainable purchasing.  This then enables:

SPLC BENCHMARK Platform Approach

The SPLC BENCHMARK Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Scorecard then summarizes these results, highlighting where an organization is demonstrating leadership practices, as well as identifying areas which need improvement.  The scorecard further provides detailed strategies and actions for how to achieve the next level of maturity for those areas.  With this information, organizations can feel confident in their ability to prioritize the most critical sustainable purchasing practices which advance their procurement or supply chain programs to reduce their impact, protect their brand, and drive cost reductions. 

SPLC BENCHMARK Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Scorecard

Download SAMPLE

Download SAMPLE

How does my organization get started?

SPLC is currently offering both member and non-member organizations an opportunity to participate in the SPLC BENCHMARK Platform by way of peer-to-peer cohort workshops.  The SPLC BENCHMARKSM Cohort Program offers participating organizations foundational training on sustainable purchasing, interactive engagement with like organizations, and full access to the SPLC BENCHMARKSM Platform including your program’s Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Scorecard.  

Congratulations to these organizations for
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Take it along!  

Download a one-page overview on the SPLC BENCHMARK Platform and SPLC BENCHMARK Cohort Program here

The Benchmark Working Group includes:

  • Charleen Fain-Keslar, California DGS
  • Christopher Davis, CodeGreen
  • Jenna Larkin, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Johanna Kertesz,Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
  • Karl Bruskotter, City of Santa Monica
  • Lynda Rankin, Province of Nova Scotia
  • Shirley-Ann Augustin-Behravesh, Arizona State University
  • Tiffany Rodriguez, PG&E
  • Yalmaz Siddiqui, MGM Resorts

SPLC BENCHMARK Platform Technology:

Pre-pilot version:   SupplyShift
Pilot version (current):   SurveyGizmo / SPLC Staff


Questions about SPLC BENCHMARK Platform?   

Contact Kris Spriano, SPLC BENCHMARK Program Manager, at