SPLC Seeking Short-Term Contractor for Solicitation Guidance Development

SPLC plans to develop solicitation guidance for the various purchasing categories included in Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing v2.0. We are seeking a short-term (approximately 6-month) contractor to develop this solicitation language for the Guidance v2.0 purchasing categories. 

The purpose of producing this content is to expedite the use of SPLC’s Guidance in the market, and more rapidly influence purchaser behavior by providing guidance in a format most relevant to their everyday work. Potential solicitation guidance for each purchasing category includes the following:

  • specification language for RFIs/RFPs,
  • bid sheets,
  • bid evaluation criteria,
  • supplier evaluation criteria,
  • contract language (to include and avoid), and
  • post-award verification instructions.

Please see the proposed scope of work for more information, and send your resume, summary of qualifications, and proposed billing rate (or any questions) to Christina Macken (christina@sustainablepurchasing.org).

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