Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing


SPLC’s multi-stakeholder guidance is designed to help procurement and sustainability professionals develop a strategic sustainable purchasing program that meaningfully addresses the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their spend by:

  • Identifying critical impacts of their organization’s goods and services purchasing
  • Guiding the selection and development of strategies, goals, and actions that address these impacts
  • Providing implementation support such as case studies, tools, and other resources to support progress towards goals


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Don’t have time to spare?   Use our Sustainable Procurement Resource pages for quick, easy-to-use access to our guidance relevant to your purchase in IT, Food Services, Construction, and more! 

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Need help developing and launching a comprehensive strategic plan for your sustainable purchasing program?   
  SPLC’s Guidance can help with that, too!  Check out this excerpt of SPLC’s Program-level Guidance providing insight into the approach.    To ensure success, engage your stakeholders in development of your plan through our SP Foundations program!