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SPLC has convened an incredible opportunity to connect purchasers, suppliers, nonprofits, and advocates under an umbrella of creative collaboration. Together, these stakeholders can change the way the global economy operates, but only with a cohesive vision for the world that we want to create. Kudos to SPLC for creating this platform and for inviting all of us to build that vision together.Billy Linstead Goldsmith, Director, Fair Trade Campaigns

SPLC membership is open to all those working to integrate economic, environmental, and social sustainability into commerce to establish a healthy, fair, and prosperous world.

Our members are diverse in size, business sector, goals, and experience. Current members include Fortune 100 companies to small local businesses, nonprofit advocates to national governments, and spandozens of industry sectors. Across their differences, they all share a laser focus onleveraging procurement strategy to drive sustainability forward.

Our memberships are organizational, enabling multiple people from the same organization to tap into the SPLC’s guidance, coaching, member forums, and case study learning.

We enable those doing this work to more easily, more strategically, and more effectively accomplish their goals,by coming together with others to share their experiences and learn to go farther and faster together.