Sustainable Purchasing Program Policy

SPLC strongly recommends taking a comprehensive program approach to establishing or institutionalizing sustainable purchasing in your organization, with senior leadership buy-in and support.

A high-level program commitment provides political capital, which is necessary to sustain the cross-functional cooperation and external stakeholder engagement often required to address the biggest sustainability challenges in an organization’s procurement and supply chain. This commitment can be expressed as a policy, as a plank of a strategic plan, or as an executive directive, among other ways.

The model policy below has been developed in consultation with numerous highly successful sustainable purchasing leads, and addresses the key elements of a fully articulated and supported Sustainable Purchasing Policy. It may be used as a template for your own policy development.

Deeper guidance and how-to resources – including the Model Policy handbook from which this template is taken – are available in our Members-only Community, and through our member coaching and support in the Strategic Program Planning Process.

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