SPLC Public Webinar Series Recordings

SPLC hosts 1-2 webinars per month. Below are slides and recordings for a few of our publicly available webinars. Many more webinar recordings on hot topics in sustainable purchasing are available within SPLC’s online member community. See if your organization is a member or how to become a member

A Portfolio Approach to Buying Clean Tech: Leading Best Practices Across a Global Footprint

Featuring Aaron Binkley from Digital Realty for a buyer’s perspective, and James Lewis and John Powers from Renewable Choice Energy, recently acquired by Schneider Electric, this webinar taught:
1) The drivers behind the recent uptick in C&I clean technology purchasing.
2) Understanding what types of clean energy options are available to C&I purchasers and in what markets.
3) How C&I buyers are deploying a broad array of options across their global operational spectrum and some of the challenges and opportunities faced

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Healthier Procurement Webinar Series

Episode 1: How to Prioritize Human and Environmental Health

Featuring Arlene Blum from Green Science Institute, Linda Rutsch from EPA’s Safer Choice, Pam Eliason from Toxics Use Reduction Institute, and Stacey Forman from the City of Portland, this webinar taught:
– How to evaluate what toxins to address first for improving human and environmental health, and what tools are available to support prioritization.
– How to avoid replacing a chemical with something even worse.
– What tools are available to help communicate the benefits of prioritizing certain factors.

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Episode 2: How to Specify & Verify for Human and Environmental Health

Featuring Daniel Pedersen from Green Seal, Lara Koritzke from ISEAL, and Julia Wolfe from the State of Massachusetts, this webinar taught:
– How to use available tools to help you specify products that are genuinely safer for people and the environment. – How to efficiently verify that the products you receive actually meet the specified requirements.

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Episode 3: How to Achieve Better Results with Integrated Approaches for Healthier Procurement

Featuring Roger McFadden from McFadden and Associates (former VP and Senior Scientist at Staples), Judy Levin from the Center for Environmental Health, Elizabeth Meer from New York State and a private sector procurement professional, this webinar taught:
– How to integrate considerations of human and environmental health into the procurement process.
– How integrated approaches, such as integrated cleaning or integrated pest management, can transform an entire category of procurement in ways that are healthier for people, the environment, and your organization’s bottom line.

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