SP Foundations

This coaching engagement consists of 4 virtual workshops, with individualized work assignments between each, to develop and refine the sustainable purchasing program goals and strategies that best meet your organization’s needs.

SP Foundations provides confidential, one-on-one, and individualized coaching for you and your team during which you will:

Your team will leave the SP Foundations  engagement with a sustainable purchasing program plan aligned to the strategic framework and priorities of your organization, and supported by customized SPLC-members only resources such as guidance, training, tools, and experts drawn from SPLC’s community of over 700 sustainable purchasing professionals.

Interested in learning more? Email info@sustainablepurchasing.org.

“The SPLC’s SP Foundations program guided us step by step to create a long-term vision, action plan and measurable goals. We are excited to have a strategic path forward for increased engagement with vendors on ESG components of the value chain.”

Jeanine Pedoto
Vice President, Sourcing and Procurement Governance


“Like many organizations, we have lots to do with little staff time and the SP Foundations process helped our team focus to refine and improve the vision, strategy and goals for sustainable procurement at Metro. Our coach led us through each step and gave great guidance to help us prioritize our efforts and make efficient use of our staff time.”

Tracy Fisher, MBA, CCA
Senior Procurement Analyst
Oregon Metro


“The Vision Workshop provided structure to a brainstorming session with clear asks and to-dos. Our SP Foundations Coach guided us through the session in a step-wise, strategic manner that helped explain the purpose better and also communicated value. A session such as this has been useful in prioritization for goal setting and we achieved our aim.”

Shivira Choudhary
Tillamook County Creamery Association