Resource Outline

Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing

Follow the proven guidelines in this resource to:

  • Understand the sustainability impacts of their purchased goods and services,
  • Identify actions that best address these priorities; and
  • Benchmark progress toward goals.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An overview of sustainable purchasing and the strategic opportunity that it represents.

Chapter 2: Program Design: Helps sustainable purchasing “champions” build strategic and leadership-capable Sustainable Purchasing Programs within their organizations.

Chapter 3: Program Operation: Describes a continuous improvement process that cross-functional teams can employ to develop effective strategies to achieving specific environmental, social, and economic performance goals.

Chapter 4: Purchasing Category Guidance:
Offers guidance on how to apply this strategic thinking for specific categories of purchasing that may be priorities for a wide variety of organizations.


AND….SPLC Makes it Easy to get Straight to the Most-Needed Product-specific Guidance

Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing also includes product-based purchasing guidance. These Guidance for Sustainable Purchasing– Executive Summaries share the key “take home” messages and best practices for specific product categories, which are discussed in the larger publication. The Executive Summaries include suggested RFP text and next steps for organizations working to improve sustainable purchasing practices.

Furnishings Category Guidance Executive Summary
Food Services Guidance Executive Summary