Scope 3 GhG Emissions Tools and Resources

The Problem 

The events of 2020 and 2021 – fires, floods, supply chain failures — have made clearer than ever the immense impact that climate change is having on our world. And yet most organizations have only begun to address the climate impact of their procurement and the extended global supply chains that provide their goods and services.  

As investors, customers and other stakeholders increasingly challenge organizations to address their greenhouse gas emissions, many organizations have realized that most of their impact lies within what the Green House Gas Protocol refers to as Scope 3 – the extended value chains in which they participate and through which they access goods and services.   

 Eighty percent or more of most organizations’ climate impact occurs in their extended supply chains (whether those are made up of direct or indirect suppliers) – so procurement and contracting are critically implicated in the effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Yet many organizations – in particular those who purchase indirectly – do not know where to start on identifying their Scope 3/supply chain emissions baseline or driving reductions in GHG emissions form supplers. 

SPLC’s Research 

As we have previously done with general supplier sustainability ratings tools, SPLC has committed to assisting its members with these challenges by helping them identify and select among the plethora of tools that are being marketed as the solution to rolling up and leveraging GHG data from a large supplier base.   

As a first step, we have performed a landscape analysis of the field of Scope 3 measurement tools, and reviewed their capabilities, their coverage, their pricing, and their ability to provide procurement professionals with useful information on which to base sourcing decisions.  

The whitepaper resulting from this analysis identifies 23 widely-used, Scope 3 GHG emissions tools, both free and commercial, single-sector and cross-sectoral, which are currently available for general use. Because the applicability and utility of the tools will vary widely by the type of products and services organizations purchase or produce, we have not rated or ranked systems, but instead have described them in detail to support our members’ own selection processes. 

This resource, organized by applicability across economic sectors, methodological approach, and data management attributes, is intended to provide members with a first cut at understanding potential solutions for identifying, measuring, and improving Scope 3 performance over time. Later, SPLC intends to convene a working group of members to identify those attributes and methods that procurement professionals most need form such tools, and to assess tools against that matrix. 

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