Looking to understand how well your organization’s sustainable purchasing program is performing?  SPLC has a long history of providing visionary guidance on sustainable purchasing best practices through the Principles, Maturity Model, and Guidance v2.0.   But, how well is your organization measuring up to these leadership best practices?   And how do you compare to your peers?  

SPLC is pleased to announce the development of its “next generation” Sustainable Procurement (SP) Assessment Tool providing answers to these questions.    Guided by the SPLC’s Leadership Development Advisory Committee and Sustainable Procurement Assessment Working Group, the SP Assessment Tool will provide organizations with a platform to evaluate how well they have integrated and implemented sustainable purchasing into their organizational processes, the products and services that they purchase, and to what extent they are holding suppliers accountable for sustainability performance. 

Many thanks to our technology sponsor for supporting this important work!

Interested in learning more and/or supporting the continued development of the tool?    Contact info@sustainablepurchasing.org.