SPLC Strategic Program Development Coaching

SPLC member coaching is aligned with our most fundamental principle – that the benefits of sustainable purchasing depend on taking a strategic and programmatic approach, rather than piecemeal steps.

Our work is focused on supporting members to

  • Prioritize their efforts, to align with organizational commitments, and with what matters most
  • Develop an overarching mission and vision to guide their sustainable purchasing program
  • Establish meaningful and measurable goals aligned with their priorities
  • Consider which solution strategies will best support their progress toward goals
  • Identify and enlist key stakeholders in support of their sustainable procurement strategy, and
  • Grow the capacity and impact of their program over time

SP Coachesconduct virtual meetings with sustainable procurement teams and leaders, to develop and refine the sustainable purchasing program goals and strategies that best meet their organization’s needs. Coaching can be accelerated, for teams wanting a quick orientation to get launched, or delivered in an extended series of sessions with time in between to engage with internal stakeholders, obtain necessary data and  otherwise develop support for strategic planning. We can also provide onsite options for team coaching and plan development.

The end result of SP Coaching is a deeper understanding of the strategic approach to sustainable purchasing program development, a detailed overall plan, a set of specific goals, and identified focus areas, tactics, and strategies to leverage for meeting each goal.

SPLC Strategic Program Development Coaching Process

OrientationSPLC’s Coaching staff walk through the SPLC  website briefly to orient team members to SPLC Resources and Community. We also provide an overview of SPLC’s principles for best practices in sustainable purchasing and speak to the importance of a strategic program approach.
Inventory and PlanningSPLC’s Coaching staff expand on the importance of a strategic program approach by working 1:1 with the assigned sustainable purchasing lead(s) to document their organization’s current priorities and related activities. This knowledge will be used to determine how best to apply the Strategic Program Planning Process in order to deliver the most value to the organization.
Vision and Program CharterThis session is focused first on developing the “big picture” for your sustainable purchasing program – an audacious vision of the end state you are working toward. Next, we walkthrough development of a Program Charter –a detailed model of how your organization’s program will work, what impacts it willtarget, focus areas that will guide selection of your supporting activities, what benefits the program could realize and more.
Goals and MetricsWith the Program Charter and organizational inventory in hand, the SPLC coaches will help direct you through an exercise to prioritize and select a set of key goals that will deliver organizational outcomes that are: 1) impactful, 2) aligned with organizational priorities, and 3) focused on program development. Together with you, we will also begin to identify appropriate metrics and time frames to track and evaluate your success vs. goals
Strategy CycleThis final session of the SP Foundations cycle enables your team to delineate individual strategies and tactics to meet your specific program and category goals–actively selecting and developing the best strategies for execution.  The end result is a Project Plan that includes an analysis of current state, identification of projects and strategies to change that state to achieve a given goal, appropriate stakeholders to support execution, a focused timeline, and metrics for accountability – rolling up, framing up and integrating previous workshop outputs.