Supplier Ratings Tools


Supplier Sustainability Ratings

Does your organization know whether its suppliers are sustainability leaders or laggards?

Do you include vetted supplier sustainability scores in purchasing and supplier relationship management decisions?

Would you like to identify highly credible rating tools that are best suited for use in a procurement context?

SPLC’s supplier ratings assessment process helps purchasers make sense of the landscape of third party supplier ratings tools.


We screened some 400+ supplier data collection and ratings systems for their suitability to support sustainable procurement, and then evaluated the appropriate systems for issue/impact coverage, management system credibility, and more.

We identified the systems best suited to support procurement professionals to integrate sustainability into every step of your process – from RFIs through performance evaluation against critical sustainability goals. And you can compare the recommended systems to assess their strength in the areas where you most need focused, credible insight into your supply base.

The Supplier Ratings Assessment project is the fruit of a multistakeholder collaboration supported by Microsoft. The assessment work is conducted by Industrial Economics, advised by the SPLC Supplier Assessment Working Group.

NOTE: Members may commission evaluation of a specific third party system if we have not yet reviewed it, or sponsor evaluation of an additional performance criterion across the top rated systems. In both instances, the resulting rating data will be added to the overall project results for all members to access.

The Supplier Ratings Assessment evaluation rubric, findings and results are Member-only resources. To access the ratings results, JOIN US.


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