What We Do

A Vibrant Member Community that Offers Peer Connections, Practical Conversations, and Focused Learning to Support Purchasing Action on Critical Sustainability Issues


The SPLC enables purchasers to make meaningful, measurable, large-scale positive change in the world. Since purchasers have the opportunity to vote for more sustainable, equitable, and healthy solutions with their purchase dollars every day, we focus on using the lever of organizational procurement to drive sustainability commitments into core business operations.

Because we  understand the technical requirements of procurement professionals and shape our guidance and coaching to meet those needs, we are well positioned to enable both purchasers and suppliers to address sustainability. We have earned the trust of our members, who spend approximately $800 billion per year on goods and services. That trust enables us to help the purchasing community identify issues of concern, in collaboration with our research and NGO partners. By providing solid vetted insights and strategy suggestions, we enable purchasing professionals to “cut to the chase” of driving change, rather than spending time they do not have, studying issues they are not familiar with before they can act. 

Our approach

The SPLC understands that if we want our members to form a movement, we need to first help them do their jobs – effectively, strategically, and in ways that their suppliers, their leadership, and the broader market will understand, respond to, and celebrate. By providing scalable coaching and consulting services, paired with a wide array of informational resources and case study models, we meet our members where they are and take them to the next level of impact.

Guidance to simplify sustainable procurement

The SPLC offers a wealth of resources to support the integration of sustainability into a variety of purchasing categories. We make it easy to share category-specific resources with individual buyers via our Sustainable Procurement Resource pages – one stop shop pages that consolidate guidance, case studies, webinars, contract language, tools, and organizational resources relevant to each product and service category.

Coaching to create and advance sustainable purchasing initiatives

Our suite of Sustainable Purchasing Coaching options supports procurement and sustainability professionals in developing new or enhancing existing sustainable purchasing programs. We work with members to move beyond contract-by-contract approaches, take a strategic view, and address connected issues across a procurement portfolio. Our coaching engagements result in the creation of focused, strategic, impactful programs aligned with overarching organizational priorities and commitments to ensure success.

Collaboration for support, accountability, and collective action

In the interest of building and supporting an interconnected and empowered sustainable purchasing community, the SPLC offers a variety of ways for members to engage with each other throughout the year. Small Peer Learning Circles meet monthly to support and learn from one another while addressing common challenges. Action Teams convene for a limited time to develop interim guidance on an emerging topic. Topical Learning Circles provide the opportunity for groups to come together for long term support and technical assistance based on a specific issue or impact area. All of these community collaborations are aimed at sending meaningful shared market signals and driving change.